A Celebration of Education

A celebrity slaps another celebrity at an awards show and the action resonates around the world. You can’t escape the discussion on news and social media. Celebrity actions tend to pique the world’s interest. An interesting point regarding the etymology of the word celebrity is that it has roots in the word celebrate. 

Celebrate: honour or praise publicly.

Who should we really be talking about and celebrating? Who won’t be getting front page attention, hot media gossip or a state funeral?

There are quite a few noble professions in the world and considering the flow on impact that education has on society, I’d say among the noblest professions of all is “educator”. Educators include teachers, trainers, coaches etc. They are the people who fuel the world’s progression. 

Is there any global problem that education could not help to solve?

Teaching is complex and challenging no matter what age or level is being taught. It takes people with guts and determination but also a love and passion for the world around them and a desire to improve it.

While educators may not enjoy celebrity status, I think they deserved to be celebrated even more than those who take the spotlights.


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