A Time to Learn, A Time to Fly

What has COVID done for your situation? How’s work?

There have been plenty of jobs lost or hours depleted. It has been heartbreaking for many.

There are also those who have taken this time to do a stocktake of their education stores and are looking at bare shelves or shelves that still have some space. These are infinitely long shelves by the way.

So what are we to do? Train. Learn. Qualify. There are a ton of short courses out there to get the ball rolling. Good employers love someone who has a lust for learning. They know that employees can no longer sit in comfortable couch grooves to get their jobs done. There must be movement and a willingness to upskill to keep up with the exponential changes of many industries.

Keeping a record of even unaccredited short courses, moments of autodidacticism (self-teaching,) and professional and personal development pursuits (even if it’s just watching an edutainment channel or listening to a podcast,) can help build a solid foundation of evidence of your willingness to learn and grow.

Despite how tough it can be, one of the most worthwhile educational pursuits, especially for those who would like to continue within their industry and not discard all of their experience and expertise, is achieving a TAE40116 qualification (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment).

That’s the qualification that will allow, let’s say, a Baker, or a Hairdresser, or ___insert your profession here___ to train and assess people coming into the industry.

Learning and development is hot right now and with CEOs and managers realising the essentiality of professional development to the health of their workplace, (everything from the mental health of employees to the economic health of the business,) having the qualification that will open up the door to joining this movement is a smart and timely investment.

Give us a call if you’d like to talk more about whether a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is right for you.