Australia Is a Phoenix Rising

As do many parts of the world, Australia has had more than its fair share of destructive natural disasters. From bushfires to cyclones to droughts to floods. 

And then there was Covid!

Over the last few years educational institutions have been pummelled by the fists of Covid. 

Primary and secondary school teachers have had to guide their kids through classes remotely. 

Universities have lost a huge percentage of their students as a result of international border closures. 

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) have also had to close classrooms, miss out on international students and more.

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a bird that could regenerate from the ashes of its predecessor.

Like the rebirth of the phoenix, after every natural disaster, from every fire ravaged town, cyclone destroyed home or flood drowned city, Aussies find a way to regrow and carry on.

Through the 2 years of covid “hailstorms” many RTOs had to figure out how to survive and hopefully thrive. Many had to figure out how to balance face to face teaching when viable, with online learning. The balance could only come by ensuring that no learning value was lost when a student didn’t have a trainer in their physical presence.

My wife attends university. To balance their ledgers, they cut out a lot of options. This minimised the value that a lot of students found in their Uni courses. RTOs don’t have that luxury (if you can call it that). There are “X” amount of specific units that must be taught. Smart and caring RTOs instead raised their value and not just by filling the gap left by having less face-to-face learning.

Take Qualify Now for example. To teach their Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment (TAE40116,) Qualify Now created a state-of-the-art Zoom lab to broadcast from so that it doesn’t feel like you’re simply listening to someone speaking out of their basement. They have and continue to create learning resources that fill any gaps they’ve seen in the standard curriculum. They’ve improved their Learning Management System to ensure greater interactivity and they are consistently adding professional development resources because they realise that the end of a course is not the end of learning.

Just as a Phoenix rises from the ashes so have many RTOs risen from the ashes of Covid. Qualify Now is one of those. Talk to them now about your training and assessment needs.