Chit Chat For Brain Health


Studies are showing that social connection is just as important for our brain health as it is for our emotional health.

Many of us have always felt that good conversation was vital for achieving good emotional wellbeing. We don’t need studies to tell us that. What has been found through the course of Covid and its socially isolating consequences, is that two-thirds of adults who were already experiencing mental health problems, experienced deterioration. Experts warned that symptoms of depression and other mental health concerns were also raring up in people who were previously well of mind.

In a study published in medical journal, Jama Network Open, scientists analysed MRI scans and data on the interactions of over 2,000 adults over the age of 45. The scientists discovered that those who answered positively the question “Can you count on anyone to listen to you when you need to talk?” showed greater mental resilience and cognitive function. This is especially vital information as we consider the need to ensure continued connection as we get older. Regular conversation can help slow the effects of brain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

So, whether it’s over a cup of coffee, with your training partner at the gym, in the lunchroom with your co-workers, or at a bus-stop with a box of chocolates on your lap, find time for face-to-face dialogue with real human beings. Your brain will thank you for it.


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