Across Australia and the rest of the world, the number of mature students returning to study and/or altering their career paths has been rising. Far from being a hammer on the head of learning opportunities, with a number of tweaks to traditional learning methods, Covid has given many an opportunity to step back, take a breath, think about what is excess to their life and what is true value, and then consider where they are and where they’d like to be.
For many this means studying. It could be upskilling what currently fills their resume or having a crack at completely new fields.

For some that route was forced on them as financial concerns, job loss or job hour reductions played a part.
What that does mean for those who enjoy imparting their knowledge, is that there is a need for more Trainer and Assessors. A TAE qualification is an excellent resume booster. A Trainer and Assessor role is one that generally earns above national average and is one that is all about making a positive difference to students seeking improved learning and employment opportunities.

The study route for such a destination is TAE40116, Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.
There are a number of roles that the qualification can lead to including:

Trainer for a training organisation (RTO)
RTO Assessor
Training Adviser

Training Needs Analyst
Vocational Education Trainer

Training Resource Developer
Learning and Development Specialist
and more.

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