TAE Sucks But It Can Save a Workplace

TAE Sucks But It Can Save a Workplace

I’m sure you could find some carefully manicured testimonials from Certificate IV in Training and Assessment students who will say “This course was the best! So fun!” but the truth is, if those students are out there, they are the anomaly. They’re probably the type of person who can eat a Carolina Reaper chillie, smile, and ask for another. The TAE40116 course, no matter who you go through, is tough and far from a day at the circus. Many drop out and take the hit to their wallet as a small price to pay for avoiding any more pain.

The thing is, dropping out is a financial hit that goes beyond the outlay for the course. It also hits future earning potential. Go to a job search page such as ‘Seek’ and type ‘Trainer and Assessor’ into the search bar. You’ll see thousands of advertised positions. As employers become wary of what has been labelled ‘The Great Resignation’ where employees are looking for work alternatives, training staff has become vital to their workplace’s prosperity. A Training and Assessment qualification (TAE40116,) can give you the ability to train and assess new staff and upskill staff who have been there a while.

So if you do decide to tackle a TAE, and you finish, the pay off is worth it.

By some chatter among those in the industry the TAE40116 has the lowest satisfaction rating of all Certificate IV qualifications delivered in Australia. I can’t say that’s absolutely true but it wouldn’t surprise many if that were the case. It’s definitely not one of the highly rated for enjoyable courses that’s for sure!

There are a number of reasons that can be pointed out but to avoid getting into the weeds I’ll just talk about 1; Delivery.

Some cheap courses offer an insufficient amount of time for learning and completion, or they shove students through before concepts have been fully grasped. 

Some providers only offer online delivery without face-to-face options and while a student may initially think this is better and more efficient, they will often find that communication feels more direct and easier to understand when in a Trainer’s presence. 

Some schools have low standards of training, and their Trainer and Assessors may not have the knowledge, experience, or personality to successfully teach this tough course. 

Some assessment resources that are used are of a low standard and barely cover the basics let alone help fill the real-world gaps that the curriculum may not quite nail.

Shop around! That’s my recommendation. 

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